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At Charlinse Foundation, we feel a strong responsibility to the communities within which we work. As real estate professionals, we have a unique opportunity to be involved with individuals and organizations in a multitude of neighborhoods, towns, and cities. Although we are committed to assisting homeowners with selling their homes and buyers with finding their dream home, we also understand that the communities in which these transactions take place are living, growing entities which need to be nourished and strengthened to ensure long-lasting economic vitality.

Because of this, we are committed to providing significant charitable donations to non-profit organizations serving the community.

June, 2007: Eric Smith with Tim Thomson. Charlinse Foundation Along with sponsored Tim’s ride with a $1100 donation to the AIDS Network. In Tim’s Words: “When signing up for my first ACT bike ride in 2004, I was curious about the motto, Change your life; change your world. Not knowing anyone connected with the ride when I started training, I soon got to know a collection of friendly, helpful, humorous and caring folks. The 6-day ride (now shortened to 4 days) was incredible – the beauty of the terrain was only exceeded by the beauty of the souls who pulled together to help everyone along. It was a diverse collection of people with one major trait in common – the will to make an effort to help others. It was a life-altering experience, which is also addictive. We will continue to laugh and cry our eyes out while holding each other up.”

July, 2006: Eric Smith giving $1200 donation check to Bob Shilt. The money will go to support the “Life as a Boy” program at the Lake Point Neighborhood Center, which is managed by the Court facility.

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